Thursday, March 1, 2012


Writing by Stephanie Augello
Photos by Neal Williams & Hannah Michalski

Atlanta rock outfit New Terminus is currently spearheading a campaign to press their new album into a variety of formats.  Back in performance world, local band I Want Whisky has re-emerged with a new lineup.


It's definitely ambitious of me to state that Atlanta's music community sleeps less than the whole city of New York.  There is, however, no doubt in my mind that their scene is full of gifted, hardworking ensembles and individuals, who are constantly collaborating, designing, and subsequently sharing, their creative output.  Every single artist I've come into contact with there never ceases to amaze me.  It's not just the multitude of talent that fills me with a sense of almost literary wonderment - it's the friendliness; the willingness to communicate both inside and outside of their immediate circles; the humble desire to simply create for the sake of creation.  And hey, if glory follows, then glory follows; yet it seems that, for most of them, a middle class income, and the ability to keep producing music with said income, will do.


The majority (Dare I say - all...) of these artists operate on a DIY platform, which is commonly understood as being a pretty tough, and personally expensive, thing to do.  Four-piece rock band New Terminus is one example of that such effort.  They have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help produce their first full length album, and make it available to the public in vinyl, LP, CD and digital formats, with the majority of funds collected to be utilized for the pressing of the vinyl.  According to New Terminus' project page:

Your donation will help realize the dream of releasing our album on vinyl.  Some of you remember the feeling of listening to warm vinyl crackle.  It's fun.  It's physical.  It's real and something you can hold in your hand.  There's no denying the convenience of digital music, but we want to produce something tangible and personal as well.  With your help, we will be able to recoup the cost of pressing the new album on vinyl and use any profits from the sales to help fund touring and future recording.


In conjunction with their fundraising endeavors, New Terminus will be playing a show at The Drunken Unicorn on Saturday, March 3rd.  Presented by Rock Science, the night will also feature Jack of Hearts and Ex Norwegian.  The cost is $6, and the fun begins at 9pm.  For more information about New Terminus, take a look at their website.  The photos of them, as well as the flyer for Saturday's show, featured here are credited to Neal Williams.


Next Round of Whisky

Since 2006, Atlanta's I Want Whisky has been "Bringin' the Struggle to the Stage" with their "old-time, bluegrass, blues and punk" stylings.  Fronted by city native Cullen "Georgia Slim" Brown, the outfit has rotated members in and out, and recently landed on it's brand new "six-member thrashing ensemble."  Current members include Slim (lead vocals/harmonica/accordion/piano), Danny Red (guitar/vocals), Dags (banjo/fiddle/vocals), Jeremy Ray (bass), Mean Dean (drums) and Jason C. Waller (mandolin/electric guitar).  With the support of homegrown label Containment Theory Records, I Want Whisky has the ability to offer to the public the "American Spirit that until recently seemed lost and forgotten: one of life, love, good times, hard work and rebellion."

On February 18th, I Want Whisky played with Caroline & the Ramblers, Pocket the Moon and T.R. Duffy at Atlanta's Star Bar.  Hannah Michalski's photos from that night are posted below.

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